5 Reasons Why Electricians Use Milwaukee Tools (2023)

Why do electricians use Milwaukee Tools, and what is the brand name best known for? As an electrician, Milwaukee is most likely the tool name that is branded on the side of the majority of my own tools. And in this article, I’d like to explain why. Obviously, all electricians have their own preferred tools brand, however, many electrical workers are currently using Milwaukee tools in one form or another.

The main reason why electricians use Milwaukee is due to the tool brand’s innovative breakthrough in lithium-ion battery technology. Their line of M12 and M18 batteries provides the option for electricians to work chordless with many sorts of specialized power tools and accessories.

It’s one of the most widely debated and discussed dilemmas among many electrical workers. Which tool brand is the best? It reminds me of the classic standoff between iPhone and Android users in many ways. When it comes to preferred tool brands, it will be nearly impossible to find a common ground among all electricians. We are all individuals who have been raised with various traditions and practices. However, I will argue that almost all professional electricians have used Milwaukee in some capacity in their daily work. In this article, I’ll explain the brand name, why we use it, and what Milwaukee Tools are best known for.

Why Do Electricians Use Milwaukee Tools?

Milwaukee has been in the tool industry for almost a century, and its approach to making tradespeople’s life simpler with specialized gear like cordless power tools and other advancements has proven to be successful. I particularly appreciate their power drills and the fast charging of the M18 battery, which I use on a daily basis as an electrician.

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In my own workplace, we all use the Milwaukee brand on a daily basis. This is largely attributable to the fact that lithium-ion battery technology allows us to use the same battery for a variety of tools and equipment. Obviously, practically every tool manufacturer, such as Makita, Dewalt, and Bosch, now makes cordless tools (which I also use on a daily basis). The M18 battery, on the other hand, allows me to use a wide range of power tools, making my daily work assignments simple and straightforward.

What Is Special About Milwaukee Tools?

Since 1924, Milwaukee has been producing tools for professional electricians and construction professionals. They were famous for many years for the Sawzall reciprocating saw, which was groundbreaking at the time. Since being purchased by Techtronic Industries Co, Milwaukee Tools has been focused on delivering the best tools for electricians, plumbers, and mechanics all around the world. They describe their development as disruptive innovation, and they use various tools that I’ll discuss in the next part.

What Is Milwaukee Tools Best Known For?

Because they are well-known in the tools market for various tools and advancements, this is a complicated question to answer. However, some breakthroughs and essential tools are better known than others. The following tools, gear, and equipment are what Milwaukee is best known for.

1. Power Tools Going Chordless

Milwaukee developed the groundbreaking lithium-ion technology that is now used in their power tools. Electricians and other tradespeople can now bring their tools with them in any situation because electricians have heavily shifted to cordless power tools.

Milwaukee is most well-known for its cordless power tools, with the M12 and M18 lithium-ion FUEL and Redlithium batteries being the most popular implementations. The primary distinctions between 12V and 18V lithium-ion batteries are their sizes and individual battery capacities. I use primarily a classic hammer drill and this M18 rotary hammer drill with a separate dust collector.

2. Milwaukee Bluetooth Tracking Tag

We all know that tools can be expensive and that they are an electrician’s bread and butter. Electricians bring a variety of tools and equipment to the job, including power tools, hand tools, tool bags, and a variety of other necessities. And the worst feeling is when you’ve misplaced them or an ill-intentioned individual has borrowed or (in the worst-case scenario) stolen your tools.

Milwaukee introduced Bluetooth tracking technology in 2015, making electricians’ lives much easier. The “ONE-KEY Bluetooth Tracking Tag” enables electricians to attach a tracker to their tools and use a dedicated mobile app to locate them at any time. Similar to the Apple Airtag, for people who have misplaced their phone, Milwaukee’s Bluetooth Tracker includes GPS tracking as well as a built-in speaker to assist you in locating the misplaced tool.

3. Brushless Power Tools

Brushless power tools have a motor that can adjust its power, torque, and speed to meet the resistance of the specific task and material. To put it simply, a brushless motor uses less energy to perform the same task as a conventional motor. The amount of power required for a given task was determined by brushless technology. This will extend the life of a power tool and, as a result, the time between charges.

4. Hand Tools And Accessories

In my own arsenal of electrical hand tools and accessories, there are several which are branded with the Milwaukee logo. The most common ones I use are rather simple tools and accessories such as the Milwaukee folding knife and a simple pen for everyday uses. However, they are also known for manufacturing accessories and tools for metal, concrete, and wood drilling.

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5. High Output Lighting

On several occasions, I’ve used the M18 Rocket Dual Power Tower Light, or what I just refer to as the tower light. This provides electricians with the option to bring light with them where electricity is not present. And in my own case, I’ve used it for example to work in electrical panels in otherwise dark environments. The great thing about this tool is that it also uses the M18 lithium-ion battery, which is interchangeable with other Milwaukee tools.

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To be honest, this list could go on and on. However, these tools I’ve mentioned are the ones that I primarily use myself and have the most experience with. Milwaukee manufactures an endless number of power tools and hand tools that you can explore on their website.

Do All Electricians Use Milwaukee Tools?

Milwaukee is the standard option for all of my company’s electricians (300+ and counting). Apprentices, in particular, who are given this exact drill set on their first day will become familiar with the brand and its features. Several of the many electricians I’ve worked with bring their own tools with them on a daily basis. Other than Milwaukee, the most popular brands have surely been Makita and Bosch. Making any sort of conclusion on this subject can be a touchy subject, as all electricians have their own preferences.