What Type of Electrician Make the Most Amount of Money?

What type of electrician will receive the biggest paycheck? In this article, you will get to know which professions within the electrical trade have the highest salaries, and also what specific type of electrician will bring home the most amount of money. According to the official labor statistics we can conclude on the following.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Powerhouse Electricians make the most amount of money with an average annual salary of $83.150. Compared with the hourly wage of a standard electrician ($29,59) a powerhouse electrician earns almost a third more than that, bringing home $39,98 on average.

When choosing the right career path, the paycheck is obviously one of those things you want to know more about. If you are considering becoming an electrician, or you are already in the trade and want to explore opportunities, the subject of this article is for you. Provided by official statistics, you will get an introduction to what different types of electricians earn on average. However one of them score higher on earning power compared to all other electrical professions.

What Type of Electrician Get Paid the Most?

Compared to other types of electricians, a powerhouse electrician (also known as a power electrician) will earn the most amount of money on an hourly and annual basis. A powerhouse electrician is responsible for maintaining, testing, and preparing electrical installations in transformer stations, substations, and in-service relays. The powerhouse electrician will on average get paid a salary of almost $40 an hour.

According to labor statistics, the highest earners of powerhouse electricians will bring home $52,94 on an hourly basis and have an annual salary of $110.110.

Being a powerhouse electrician does earn an individual the average annual salary of $83.150, but it is by no means an easy job. These electricians carry a lot of responsibility as they are the front soldiers of the main power source for many communities and families.

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The main task is to keep the electrical circuitry running smoothly in power stations and substations. They need to be knowledgeable and structured in doing proper maintenance for the power station, which is providing steady power for the surrounding land. So, if you are considering the possibility to pursue this path, you have to have a broad understanding of electricity while also being able to take on the responsibility of the job.

Which Types of Electricians Earn More Money Than Others?

Many electricians have the opportunity to bring home a decent paycheck. But some score substantially higher than others. These include powerline electricians, industrial electrical repairers, and electricians in the transportation industry. The people who chose to work in this category can on average expect to earn a yearly wage ranging from $70.410 to $83.150.

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These types of electricians will on average score substantially higher than other electricians. In the following section, specific hourly and annual wages will be provided. By collecting data from labor statistics these are the top three highest earners in the electrical trade. The top earner, powerhouse electrician will although on average have a much higher chance of earning more than the rest of the field.

List of Salaries for Electricians (From Highest to Lowest)

Here is a list of the different types of electricians, and what they are earning an hour, and in a year – ranking from highest to lowest. The reflected numbers are a result of the average salary and wage based on data from the U.S Labor of Statistic.

Powerhouse Electrician$39,98$ 83.150
Powerline Electrician$35,78$74.410
Electrical Repairers in Transportation$33,87$70.440
Industrial Electrical Repairers$30,46$63.350
Telecommunications Installers$29,8$61.980
Standard Electrician$29,59$61.550
Radio, Cellular, and Tower Electrical Installers$29,23$60.790
HVAC Electrical Technicians$25,68$53.410
Security and Alarm Installers$25,07$52.150
Electric Motor Repairers$23,68$49.250

The total range in hourly wages reveals a maximum difference of the powerhouse electrician earning 39,98 and electric motor repairers who will on average get paid $23,68 – or close to half the amount of the highest earners. Although it is also important to mention, that these are averages. Therefore you will almost surely be able to find the extremes, such as an electric motor repairer who earn way more than other electricians.

If you decide on becoming a so-called standard electrician you can expect to earn approximately $29,59 an hour while bringing home $61.150 in a year.

Some other observations of this research include the wide range of differences in other fields of the electrical trade. Firstly, are the types of electricians placed among the earners in the middle.

Electricians With Medium Salaries

A standard electrician falls in the category of electricians with a medium salary. These electricians will land an average annual wage of between $60,790 and $63,350. Some of these types of electricians who will also earn approximately the same amount of money as the standard electrician are:

  • Instustrial electrical installers and repairers.
  • Telecommunication installers and repairers.
  • Radio, cellular, and tower installers.

Electrician Professions With the Lowest Salaries

The following are some of the professions in the electrical trade who can expect to receive a lower salary. The electricians who fall in the lower category can expect to earn between $49,250 to $53,410.

  • HVAC (Heat, Ventilation, Aircondition and Control) – installing and maintenance.
  • Security and alarm installers and repairers.
  • Electric motor repairers (lowest earner).

Electric motor repairers are responsible for repairing, installing, and maintaining different kinds of motors and switches. These are skills that all electricians will learn in trade school and are also a substantial part of the curriculum. Working with an hourly wage of $23,68 can seem like a small paycheck. But through experience and hard work, the best motor repairers will on the higher end be able to earn $36,02 an hour.

Final Thoughts on High Paying Jobs for Electricians

Even though big differences can be found in the salary of the different types of electricians, the averages reflect just that: An average of the sum of all the electricians in the specific electrical field. But data are also there for a reason.

So, if you want to improve your chances of earning a higher wage as an electrician, you could consider working in one of the following top three earners in the electrical trade:

  • Powerhouse Electrician: $39.98 (hourly wage) – $83,150 (yearly wage)
  • Powerline Electrician: $35,78 – $74,410
  • Electrical Repairers in Transportation: $33,87 – $70,440

As concluded the electrician with the highest paycheck will on average be the powerhouse electrician. While other types of electricians also have the opportunity to earn high wages (like offshore electricians and advanced project-based electricians), being a powerhouse electrician will make you the most money, according to reliable and available statistics.