Quiz: What Skilled Trade is Right for Me? (Personalized Free Quiz)

Hi there! If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably considering a career in the skilled trades. With so many options out there, it can be challenging to figure out, the question of which skilled trade should I learn, will inevitably come to min.

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That’s where this quiz comes in! I’ve designed this interactive quiz to help you find your ideal skilled trade to pursue among the most popular ones: electrician, carpenter, plumber, painter, bricklayer, and glazier.

Quiz: Which Skilled Trade Should I Pick?

At a point in my own life, I asked myself, what skilled trade should I learn? I was unsure about the right career path and wondered, what skilled trade would be right for me. Today you can tell that I obviously choose to become an electrician.

To help you decide on your own career path, I have made this quiz, which can help you to make a more informed decision on choosing the right skilled trade for you. So now, take this quiz, and let’s get started!

Skilled Trade Quiz

Quiz: What Skilled Trade is Right for Me?

1. How would you describe your attention to detail?

2. How do you feel about heights?

3. Are you more of a problem solver or a creative thinker?

4. How important is job stability to you?

5. How do you feel about working outdoors?

To further review the questions, or take the quiz manually, grab a pen and paper to note down your answers. You can also roll further down the page to receive a comprehensive explanation outlining why it could be an excellent match for your skills and interests.

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Question 1: How would you describe your attention to detail?

A. I’m very meticulous, always double-checking my work.

B. I pay attention to details, but I can also work quickly.

C. I’m focused on the bigger picture, but I can still handle details.

D. I’m not too concerned with small details.

Question 2: How do you feel about heights?

A. I love them! Bring on the ladders and scaffolding!

B. I can handle heights, but I prefer to stay on the ground.

C. I’m not a fan, but I’ll deal with it if necessary.

D. No way! Keep me on solid ground.

Question 3: Are you more of a problem solver or a creative thinker?

A. Problem solver – I enjoy figuring things out.

B. Creative thinker – I like to come up with new ideas.

C. A mix of both – I enjoy using my creativity to solve problems.

D. Neither – I prefer to follow instructions and guidelines.

Question 4: How important is job stability to you?

A. Very important – I want a career that will always be in demand.

B. Somewhat important – I want a stable job, but I’m open to change.

C. Not very important – I like variety and am willing to take risks.

D. It doesn’t matter – I’m adaptable and can adjust to different situations.

Question 5: How do you feel about working outdoors?

A. I love it! Fresh air and sunshine are the best.

B. I enjoy it, but I also like working indoors.

C. I prefer to work indoors, but I can handle outdoor work if necessary.

D. No way! I need climate-controlled environments.

If you chose mostly A’s: Electrician

You’re a detail-oriented problem solver who enjoys working with your hands. You’re not afraid of heights, and job stability is important to you. As an electrician, you’ll get to work with electrical systems in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. It’s a rewarding career with plenty of room for growth.

If you chose mostly B’s: Carpenter

You’re a versatile worker with a balance of creativity and problem-solving skills. You don’t mind working outdoors and can handle heights. Carpentry is a great fit for you, as you’ll get to create structures and work with a variety of materials. Carpenters are always in demand, and you can specialize in various areas like framing, cabinet-making, or furniture design.

If you chose mostly C’s: Plumber

You appreciate the bigger picture, but you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty. Working both indoors and outdoors is no issue for you. As a plumber, you’ll install, repair, and maintain plumbing systems in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. It’s a stable career choice that offers plenty of opportunities for advancement.

If you chose mostly D’s: Painter

You may not be all about the details, but you enjoy following instructions and working with your hands. You prefer to stay on the ground and work in

climate-controlled environments. As a painter, you’ll get to transform spaces by applying paint, stain, and other finishes to interior and exterior surfaces. It’s a great career for those who enjoy seeing the immediate results of their work.

If you had a mix of A’s, B’s, and C’s: Bricklayer

You’re a well-rounded individual who can handle a variety of tasks. You don’t mind working outdoors and can deal with heights. Bricklaying might be the perfect trade for you. You’ll construct walls, partitions, and other structures using bricks, concrete blocks, or natural stones. It’s a physically demanding job, but it offers a great sense of accomplishment and opportunities to work on different projects.

If you had a mix of B’s, C’s, and D’s: Glazier

You’re adaptable and enjoy working with your hands, but you also appreciate the creative side of things. You’re comfortable working both indoors and outdoors, and heights aren’t a major concern for you. As a glazier, you’ll install and repair glass in windows, doors, and other fixtures. This trade offers a unique blend of creativity and problem-solving, with the chance to work on various types of projects.

Remember, this quiz is just a starting point to help you discover which skilled trade might be right for you. It’s essential to do further research and perhaps even shadow professionals in your chosen field to gain a better understanding of the day-to-day work involved. Whichever trade you choose, know that skilled trades offer rewarding careers with plenty of opportunities for growth and advancement. Good luck on your journey!